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Fresh Cow's Milk from Farm to Table in Few Hours in Greater Noida.

Fauji Farms ensures that no preservatives, no milk powder or cream is added to the milk. You get farm fresh milk at your door step through our own milk logistics team.

Own farm

Unlike the big brands of milk, we do not collect milk from thousands of farmers where cattle feed, health and milking methods are not monitored. We have a single breed of cows housed in our own mid-size farms at City Hawks Sports Complex Opp. St Thomas College, Knowledge Park-3. The fodder and well-being of the cattle is monitored under supervision of trained veterinarians at all times.

Quality Checks

We Keep a Stringent Check on the Cattle Quality, Fodder and Processes at the Farm. Samples of Our Milk Are Regularly Checked and Passed by FSSAI Accredited Labs for Any Trace of Chemicals, Pesticides or Toxins.

Hygienic Milking Conditions

We ensure our cattle sheds, and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. An automatic milking machine does the milking of cow

s and is untouched by hands.

Chilling before bottling

Milk is chilled to 2℃ in Bulk Milk Coolers. At this temperature, we keep the natural goodness of milk with no harmful bacterial growth.

Packaging / Bottling

Chilled milk is packed in glass bottles so that the cold temperature is kept for a long duration. We sealed the bottles at the farm to ensure that milk is delivered in tamper proof state.

Ready for Delivery

Bottled milk packed in insulated boxes from farm arrives on customer doorsteps through our own milk logistics team, which guarantees delivery of fresh milk in 2-3hrs.

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